Guiding Principles

Every child deserves access to high quality, consistent early care and learning environments and families deserve the choice to utilize the services and programs that best meet the needs of their child and family.  Early life experiences shape the development of a child's brain, wellness, emotional regulation, attitudes and habits, and values.  For this reason, we believe a good fit between families and programs is crucial


A variety of factors determine if a program, family, and child are a good fit for one another.  During the enrollment process and on an ongoing basis, families and program staff exchange information about needs, goals, values, expectations, and resources to explore goodness of fit.  Referrals to support services and other providers may be provided when appropriate.

SCC utilizes a play-based approach to support the education and development of the whole childPlay is an important tool through with children gain an understanding of the world around them.  Children engage in child-led and teacher-led experiences and are provided opportunities that foster independence, curiosity, and self-regulation. 

  • Children learn to follow routines and operate within the context of a group.

  • Practice "soft skills" necessary for healthy relationships and success in academics (and beyond).

    • Foundational "soft skills" include but are not limited to emotional regulation, executive functioning, communication, persistence, and self-advocacy.


SCC leaders and program staff firmly believe in importance and effectiveness of well-researched and time-tested vaccines as a means of preventing serious illnessCompliance with the following vaccination policies is required:

  • Employees and volunteers provide evidence of compliance with DCFS vaccination and health guidelines for adults employed in child care centers and maintain ongoing compliance.
  • Enrolled children are to be vaccinated according to the schedule for childhood immunizations, as outlined by CDC guidelines (or provide alternative proof of immunity). 
  • Enrollment or employment may be delayed, suspended, or terminated to provide adequate opportunity for families and staff to comply with SCC vaccination policy.  



Families seeking exemption from and/or those that are non-compliant with the vaccination policy may be referred to alternate providers for care, education, and/or other services.

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