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SCC team members are meaningfully engaged in the community through collaborations and partnerships with local organizations, leadership roles, and projects and activities with community stakeholders including but not limited to:

Early Childhood Alliance (Niles Township)

Steering Committee Representative for Community Based Childcare Centers

Childcare Center Director's Roundtable


Childcare Network of Evanston 

Grantee for SCC's Early Head Start and Head Start classrooms​


Oakton Community College Early Childhood Advisory Committee


Evanston Early Childhood Council


EDI (Early Development Instrument) Pilot Community Champion 

Engagement in local data collection, advocacy and public policy








Skokie Resilient Community Collaborative


Niles Township District for Special Education


Niles Township Government Early Childhood Scholarship


Kids First Pediatric Partners


Niles Township Local Area Network (LAN 41)


Partner. Plan. Act. Community Systems Statewide Development Pilot


Early Childhood Funding Coalition


Governor's Early Childhood Funding Commission


Childcare Advocates United


Illinois Directors and Owners of Childcare Centers​

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