An extension of your family

founding family members, employees, and parents partner in care


Pillar of the Skokie community since 1987

continuously operated by respected, trusted and caring community members



High-quality early care and education

recognized by ExceleRate Illinois, local schools, Head Start, and more

Readiness for school and beyond

fostering healthy social, self-help skills, emotional, and academic abilities


Multi-lingual and multi-ethnic staff

family connection and home-language reinforcement

Happy, well-adjusted, engaged children

attentive staff assist with transitions and model problem-solving skills


Parent education and social events

with themes selected by program families

Nutritious meals and healthy practices

provide a foundation for wellness of mind, body, and soul

Community support and loyal customers 

many of whom "grew up" in SCC, and return as parents with children of their own

Civic-minded staff prioritize community

meaningful engagement in the community through collaboration, partnerships, leadership roles, and service

Exclusive early literacy partnership created with Skokie Public Library

offers weekly embedded 1:1 literacy experiences for 0-5 yr old children

SCC provides a loving and nurturing early learning environment which promotes whole child development.  Care and early learning is provided for children from infancy through the early school years. 


Environments and experiences are designed to promote curiosity, spark excitement, develop healthy peer and adult-child relationships, and encourage children to realize the freedom and independence that comes through exploration. 

By learning about parents' goals and needs, building trusting relationships, and exchanging information regularly with families, program staff support parents in fulfilling their role as the primary and most important educators of their child.


Parents and staff partner to develop individual plans when needed, and program staff supply referrals as appropriate.